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6 Elements of The Serene She Experience


Our yoga poses and movement sequences are specially selected to promote inner calm and focus, allowing you to become centered and grounded.  Research has shown that witnessing yourself getting stronger in an individual activity like yoga leads to a deeper sense of trust in your body.  This is turn helps you to make better decisions for your body, control your body, and love your body just as it is.  Achieving this state also clears your mind, allowing mental and emotional learning to be easily absorbed.  The benefits are endless!

Modern Meditation

A unique contemporary approach to meditation based on scientific research, our non-faith-based method focuses on how silence and breathing effects the brain and body, leading to a calming of the nervous system.  It’s simple. No chants, no chimes, no gongs – just you – your breath and your mind, coming together to silence the noise and deepen your life. A true treat for your soul!


Our guided visualizations are developed to help you overcome mental blocks, fears, and anxieties, increase confidence, relax your mind and body, and enhance motivation.  During visualization, or mental imagery, alpha waves are generated in the brain which help you relax and focus.  These alpha waves are also responsible for reducing anxiety and stress, alleviating pain, enhancing pleasure, and developing deep focus. Just one visualization session activates the brain areas that make you happy, achieve more, and become more positive about yourself.  Ride the alpha wave!


Health Tools

As we progress from young girls to women, having strong social-emotional coping skills is essential for managing emotions, resolving conflict, developing positive relationships, and becoming resilient to life’s ups and downs.  These tools were developed to arm girls and women with natural, practical strategies that bring control and tranquility to our fast-paced lives.  Having an arsenal of tools in your tool box will allow you to navigate life’s challenges in whatever phase of life you are in – devoid of drama and meltdown – with assurance, inner strength, and bravery.

Self-Confidence Strategies

The most exciting thing about self-confidence is that it can be taught and cultivated at any age.  Just like any other character trait, high self-esteem can be acquired and deepened no matter who you are, what you did, where you’ve come from, what you have been through – no matter what!  Our self-confidence strategies will ensure that you value yourself as you are, know your true power, and can express it with pride and certainty.  After all, the most beautiful thing a woman can wear is confidence!


Journaling is a powerful tool for examining and shifting thoughts from anxious to empowered and action-oriented. What we love even more, is that research shows regular journaling strengthens your body’s immune cells!  With this one simple activity, you can clarify your thoughts, know yourself better, reduce stress, and solve problems more effectively…it’s truly a no brainer!

Stay Serene!

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