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“My daughter is a wonderful 11 year old tween with emotional strengths and vulnerabilities.  She has worked in groups led by Shannon Burke for the past few years.  I had the opportunity to participate in a group session with my daughter and other mothers and tween daughters, which was led by Shannon.  I was impressed with how Shannon was able to introduce a sensitive subject to the girls with an age-appropriate approach.  The way in which Shannon provided information and facilitated the discussion without judgment fostered an engaged, supportive discussion among the girls.  My daughter walked away much more confident and secure about this sensitive subject and much more supportive and understanding of her peers.”   – K. H., Chicago

“Shannon is empowering, inspiring and motivating. I’m truly blessed that she has been a phenomenal coach and role model for my daughter!”   – S.G., Chicago

“Patty’s education and experience as the Director of After-School Programs, and her respect for children, has brought to Serene She the ability to connect with girls of all ages.  She creates a safe environment where girls are comfortable sharing, learning, and growing.  I could not imagine a better mentor for young women than Patty! – P.P., Huntley

“I have known Michelle for the past 2.5 years. I am constantly inspired by her ability as a yoga instructor to push her students past their edge and create a safe environment for them to find ownership on their matsShe creates a wonderful balance of both inner and outer strength in her students.  She guides them through small meditations along with a true power vinyasa flow.  Her sequences are innovative and intelligent.  She is committed to growing her student base and knowing her students on a personal level.  As her studio manager, she is everything we look for in a yoga teacher.  I am honored to have her teaching at the studio and I know she will be an asset to Serene She.   – S.A., Studio Manager Park Ridge

“Shannon has been coaching my daughter for 3 years.  I am constantly impressed and grateful for how she encourages each girl on the team to be their best, push themselves and support one another, both on and off the field.  With humor, honesty and kindness, Shannon creates an environment where players learn skills & the strategy of the game, develop the confidence to take risks learning new positions on the field, and encourage one another to shake off mistakes and move forward.  She teaches the girls resilience by reminding them that “every inning is a new beginning”.  Through tough losses and great victories, I have watched Shannon help these young women develop as athletes, but more importantly, grow as teammates, friends and competitors, exhibiting great sportsmanship along the way.”   – C.A. , Chicago

“Coach Shannon focuses on the stuff you do right so that we don’t take ourselves down. She always talks to us at the end of the game to talk about it what we did right and what we can improve on next time. She is always positive and wants everyone to succeed, she puts people in positions they want to play in and will use her own time so we can go to the batting cages or to get us that one more practice.” –  E.A., Age 11

“Dr. Shannon Burke has been such a positive role model to my daughter. As her Girl Scout Troop Leader for the last 5 years she developed innovative positive experiences that have made my daughter the confident middle school student that she has become today. Dr. Burke is super passionate about what she does that it is truly infectious. Simply amazing!” – L.P. , Chicago

Nice! Fun! The best Coach and Leader ever!  – K. H. , age 11

“Shannon is one of kind!  Her dedication is truly amazing! “  – C. H., Chicago

“Shannon is an amazing mentor for so many girls. I’ve witnessed her tackle hard subjects with the girls with an ease and understanding that opens up the dialogue.  The girls are so comfortable asking questions and giving their thoughts because of Shannon’s ability.” –  S.B. , Chicago

Shannon finds the good in every girl she coaches or mentors so they understand how important they are. Her enthusiasm and positive reinforcement bring girls back repeatedly to the teams she coaches.  – A.P.,  Chicago